Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services offers a wide range of community programs for immigrants, refugees and their communities. Working independently and through partnerships, we develop innovative responses to issues affecting newcomers and racialized groups. We provide health care and community services and are a leader in community-based research and advocacy on issues related to the determinants of health and wellbeing. Access Alliance is collaborative and actively seeks to break down silos and build linkages with other agencies to increase access to the services needed by immigrants, refugees and their communities. Our range of programs, services, advocacy and partnerships address medical, social, economic, environmental, settlement and integration issues for people of all ages at all stages of their life. Our community programs put particular emphasis on supporting several vulnerable groups: families with children aged zero to six years; women; youth; and, newcomers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning.

It’s time to Make Yourself at Home in our AccessPoint on Jane Community Kitchen. Every Friday is a chance to gather to share in the joy and luxury of cooking fresh ingredients in the company of neighbours, friends and perfect strangers from our shared community.  Each week, members of this soup club will prepare recipes featuring seasonal ingredients that are nourishing, economic and above all – tasty – in the company of others. Everyone will eat a serving of the soup of the day together and take home an additional two servings to provide a hearty nourishing meal for each day over the weekend. Registration required.

WHO:  Adults who don’t have enough money to buy food.
WHAT:  Year-round Soup-Club
WHEN:  Every Friday, starting in June 2017
WHERE: AccessPoint on Jane, 761 Jane St.


Address & Contact


761 Jane St. Toronto


43.6713629, -79.493310


Opening Hours


9am - 8pm


9am - 8pm


1pm - 5pm


9am - 8pm


9am - 5pm