The Toronto Black Farmers and Food Growers Collective is a cross-cultural Food Access Hub. We farm out of Downsview Parc, we grow foods from the tropics. Our mission is serve community that are food insecure and food poor “clean food” who want to eat organic. We have created a safe and welcoming space for community. You can tour our farm, you can purchase food from us and you can volunteer with us.

Many people are food poor, they are not able to make good food a priority, most of the time they end up eating what is unworthy and unhealthy. We stand for food justice and are ensuring that we continue to build food service and program with the needs of community particularly in neighbourhood improvement areas of Toronto.

We do food training workshops. We do food justice tours. We animate food with the community like making Pesto, share our food knowledge and demonstrate with each other in the kitchen. Come join us and learn something new. #UrbanFarmersinnovate

Address & Contact


70 Canuck Avenue, toronto, ON


43.743228, -79.484239