YSW Foodie Feature: Jacqueline Herrera (OldSpoon.ca)

Early every Friday afternoon Jacqueline Herrera arrives at the Mount Dennis Community Kitchen on Weston Rd to open up her “Pop-Up” food business along with other local chefs and members of the neighbourhood’s “Kitchen Collective”.

Jacqueline has been creating South American and Nicaraguan cuisine for over 20 years in Canada, after arriving and studying in Montreal where she honed her culinary skills including more Canadian dishes. But her true love of South American delicacies is what neighbourhood residents are shopping for when make their weekly stop at the Mount Dennis Market and Cafe. Empanadas, Tamales and her famous Mango Salsa are all items that sell out the quickest each week.

Best describing her culinary style as a diverse fusion of salty and sweet, of new and traditional mixed with the love of making food with an “Old Spoon”.

If you want to check out Jacqueline’s latest creations, drop by the Mount Dennis Market and Cafe on Fridays from 3-6pm at 1269 Weston Road or check out her website at www.oldspoon.ca

But be warned, she sells out fast as she prepares her specialties on site, with you in mind, in the midst of all the busy activity within a neighbourhood’s kitchen.